Our mission is to equip athletes with the necessary tools to succeed on and off the field. We value the strong relationship we have with our athletes and are humbled by the trust they place in the products we make and sell; DICK’S is honored to be a part of their journey and of achieving their dreams.

Our athletes share our values of passion, commitment, skill and drive, and they can count on us for the safe, durable sporting goods they need. Sports make people better, and access to the full range of play requires the right equipment for any venue. From organized team competition on the field to free exploration of wide-open natural spaces, we provide athletes with the products they need to unlock their full potential wherever and however they play.

In store, our teammates offer athletes trustworthy expertise. On our website, detailed and transparent product information allows athletes to feel confident about their purchases.

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Join the aafa/flacommitment to responsible recruitmentby 2020

Meet minimum disclosure standards of the Human rights watch transparency pledgeby 2025 for 100% of vertical brands

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Every decision, from our choice of vendors and suppliers to the development of DSG, one of our private brands, is made with our athletes in mind. It is our athletes who tell us what they need to achieve their goals, and it is our teammates who find the products to meet those needs.


As a federally licensed firearms dealer, we have an obligation to maintain best-in-class practices in our stores to ensure the safety of our communities, going above and beyond regulatory compliance. In 2018, we announced sweeping changes and restrictions on the kinds of firearms and related items we would sell in our stores, removing some items from our offerings and affirming our intention to never offer others. In addition, we restricted sales of firearms and ammunition to athletes 21 years of age or older. In 2019, we stopped selling firearms at 125 stores.


More and more, the products in our stores feature sustainable attributes, maximizing performance for our athletes while minimizing the environmental impacts of their gear. These attributes can include everything from organic cotton to recycled fabrics to new, more sustainable fibers like TENCEL™. We continue to explore how to further integrate sustainable attributes throughout our products.

We aim to increase the percentage of items featuring materials such as bamboo fibers, recycled cotton, recycled polyester, and more.

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80% of Alpine Design® products have a sustainability feature


DICK’S Sporting Goods seeks opportunities to use the following types of materials, with the aim of reducing our use of chemicals and increasing the percentage of sustainable attributes in our branded products and in the other brands we love to sell:

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  • Bamboo Fibers
  • Biodegradable Fibers
  • Preferred Cotton
  • Recycled Cotton
  • Fabrics like insulation, nylon, polyester, and spandex with 30 percent or more recycled content
  • Silk Fibers
  • LENZING™ Fibers
  • TENCEL™ Fibers
  • Wool Fibers
  • Responsible Down Standard
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Chemicals of Concern
  • Phthalate-free / PVC-free Ink
  • bluesign®
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Other Labels
  • Fair Trade Certified™
  • Organic


DICK’S Sporting Goods is committed to supporting all athletes, from the first timer to the semi pro. We strive to provide a welcoming environment that is inclusive of all members of our communities. That’s why the apparel we sell comes in a variety of sizes and styles to help everyone perform with confidence and achieve peak performance. In stores, we’ve put our commitment to inclusivity on display, as our mannequins now represent the same variety of body types as the clothes they model.


Our athletes know that they can feel safe and confident when buying from DICK’S Sporting Goods. We are committed to a robust set of quality and safety requirements that we enforce with our own vertical label brands and those from our suppliers and vendors. Our Product Safety and Regulatory Compliance Program enables us to identify, investigate, and if needed, eliminate any unsafe products, with preventative measures in place to ensure continuous improvement of our offerings.


Ethical labor practices are critical to how we do business. Product safety and quality, responsible manufacturing practices, producing safe products and respect for human rights are vital at every stage of our business. We have laid out our guidelines for responsible sourcing in our Human Rights Policy (Opens in new a window), Vendor Code of Conduct (Opens in new a window), Restricted Substances List (Opens in new a window) and Global Sourcing Compliance Guidelines from the sourcing of raw materials by our vendors to the final sales in our stores. We want our athletes to feel safe and confident when buying from us, so we set and enforce requirements with our suppliers and vendors to ensure we are delivering products that meet our athletes’ expectations.

In 2020, we are increasing transparency and accountability in our supply chain with several short- and long-term efforts: goals to drive our efforts to continuously improve our responsible sourcing practices. These include commitments to:

We are have signing on to the American Apparel & Footwear Association/Fair Labor Association Apparel & Footwear Industry Commitment to Responsible Recruitment (Opens in new a window) in 2020.

Assessing 100% percent of our private brand suppliers utilizing the Higg Facility Environmental (Opens in new a window) Module audit by 2025.

We are signatories of the Joining the Human Rights Watch Transparency Pledge (Opens in new a window) to advance consistent, comparable disclosure practices across the apparel industry. It is our goal to achieve 100% percent transparency of our private brand factories by 2020 and meet the full minimum disclosure standards by 2025.

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Keeping our athletes and teammates safe includes protecting their privacy and the security of their personal data, and data s ecurity has been identified as a material risk by our company. As such, we are dedicated to implementing and maintaining effective controls to make sure our data security aligns with current best practices.