We’re taking an important step forward in our sustainability journey by setting our inaugural set of public sustainability goals, the progress of which we will be reporting on annually. Some of these goals will be achieved rapidly, and some provide us long-term direction as we navigate our path toward a better tomorrow.


Empowering Teammates

Achieve 50% Bipoc and/or women for entry-level hires for technology by 2025

Maintain Median gender pay ratio Of 100%


Equipping Athletes

Join the aafa/fla commitment to responsible Recruitment by 2020

Meet minimum disclosure standards of the Human Rights Watch Transparency Pledge by 2025 for 100% of vertical brands


Championing Communities

Give 1 million kids the chance to play by 2024


Respecting the Playing Field

Eliminate single-use, point-of-sale plastic bags in all stores by 2025

Attain 100% participation of vertical brands in the higg facility environmental module Audit by 2025