DICK’S integrates the concept of sportsmanship — mutual respect, honesty, integrity, and teamwork — into our workplace. These values extend to all our teammates - from our Customer Support Center headquarters to our five distribution centers, and across each of our retail store locations.

To develop our talent, we strive to create a just, diverse, equal, and inclusive culture that supports and encourages our teammates to bring their whole selves to work. We work hard to keep our teammates safe, healthy, and happy to ensure they can perform at their best. This includes investing in our teammates’ growth through a comprehensive benefits package to support health and wellness, meaningful compensation, and a myriad of professional learning opportunities.


DICK’S is committed to creating an inclusive and diverse workplace. This commitment is at the core of our philosophy and is also reflected in our DE&I goals.

Leveling the Playing FieldCreating an inclusive, equitable, diverse, and safe workplace where teammates can thrive


Achieve 50% BIPOC and/or women for entry-level hires for technology by 2025 (since 2019)*

Maintain a median gender pay ratio of 100%*


Achieve 50% BIPOC and/or women for entry-level hires for technology by 2025 (since 2019)

Increase overall representation of women in store leadership by 40% by 2025 (since 2020)

*Achieved within FY22.

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At DICK’S, we are fostering a culture where every teammate feels a sense of belonging and building a workplace where every person feels respected and valued for their contributions. We continue to strengthen our DE&I efforts through our DE&I Council, disciplinary policies, refocusing our recruitment efforts, and enhancing our training and development efforts.

It is important for our workforce to represent the communities we serve across all levels of our organization. We have further aligned our DE&I strategy, DE&I Council, and Impact Teams with our enterprise business strategy. Impact Teams are responsible for initiating actions that align with our DE&I and business strategies and integrating diversity, equity, and inclusion into everything we do. We also work to ensure that our DE&I Council and Impact Teams fully represent our core functions and teammates to help weave DE&I into every aspect of our business.

Our approach includes five priorities:

  • Educate & Inspire ourselves, our teammates, and our communities
  • Hire & Develop to better reflect the communities we serve
  • Use the Power of Our Business to drive impact and show our commitment to equity
  • Support Civic Action to help and care for our communities
  • Leverage Insights & Analysis of experiences with our teammates and athletes

To learn more about how our DE&I approach is supported by internal groups and functions, please see our website.

Our DE&I approach is supported by internal groups and functions to ensure appropriate resources and guidance.

Click on each ring in the graphic to learn more about how each provide support.

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Just as in sports, we work hard to attract, recruit, and hire the best talent in the field. We recruit teammates who can bring a range of experiences and skill sets to our team. We continue to expand our relationships with relevant partners to reach a more diverse candidate pool, working with diverse and underrepresented talent groups such as Black Tech Pipeline, Hiring our Heroes, Creatives Want Change, and CodePath. We also continue to work closely with university partners including Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs).

DICK’S Sporting Goods is a signatory of the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion Pledge — a CEO-driven business commitment to advance DE&I within the workplace. We are also a signatory to the Outdoor CEO Diversity Pledge, which seeks to advance representation for people of color across the outdoor industry.


We have zero-tolerance for acts of racism or any kind of discrimination, hatred, or harassment against our teammates or athletes within our workplace. We believe a culture of inclusion is one in which all our teammates:

· Feel welcomed, trusted, respected, and valued as people and teammates.

· Can bring their authentic selves to work and feel safe to express aspects of themselves and perspectives that may be different from their peers.

· Will take action when someone is not being treated equally or with respect.


Our goal is to support teammates in achieving their career aspirations and to bring our common purpose to life through relentlessly improving who we are, what we know, and what we do through learning and experiences. We offer a variety of strategic learning and development opportunities for teammates, ranging from formal leadership and professional development courses to a catalog of resources and courses for technical skills. Our motto is “development for all” with differentiated development for specific talent segments.


We are proud to be recognized by several leading organizations for being a great place to work.

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No matter where they work or in what role, our teammates are unified in our common purpose to inspire, support, and equip all athletes to achieve their dreams – and we strive to do the same for them. We support the health, well-being, and safety of our teammates and create opportunities for them to grow, expand, and thrive within the company. We want our teammates to be the best they can be – at work and at home. This starts with supporting their health and wellness. Our Team Wellness program promotes physical, mental, and financial health by using a mix of online and in-person resources, as well as team challenges.

Our Teammate Relief Fund (TRF) is a public charity that provides financial support to teammates and their immediate families who are facing unexpected financial difficulties beyond their control. It is available to all DICK’S teammates and funded by DICK’S Sporting Goods and teammate donations. Teammates can apply through an application portal; all applications are reviewed by a committee comprised of other teammates.

In 2022, the Teammate Relief Fund distributed approximately $500,000 to over 350 teammates.

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