Our planet is where we play, and we are committed to protecting and preserving it. We are moving toward a lower-carbon and climate-resilient future by operating in an environmentally responsible manner, with programs that use more renewable energy, increase resource efficiency, reduce waste, and conserve natural resources.


We have been working to minimize our environmental footprint and integrate sustainable business practices throughout our Customer Support Center, stores, and distribution centers. To keep us accountable, we’ve set the following goals in the last two years:

Protecting Our Home CourtAddressing our environmental footprint as responsible stewards of the planet


Reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for DICK’S operations by 30% by 2030 (versus 2016 baseline)

Eliminate single-use, point-of-sale plastic bags in all stores by the end of 2025

Two people paddling on individual canoes


Our planet’s temperature is rising. These impacts are being felt through extreme-weather events with consequences that affect individual lives and communities.

This year, for the first time, we have chosen to align our climate-rated disclosures to The Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), a guiding framework with common principles centered around governance, strategy, risk management, and metrics and targets.


Like our broader sustainability efforts, climate is managed by a cross-functional team that collaborates on strategy, goal setting, measuring performance, and implementing solutions that help mitigate our climate impact and take advantage of opportunities. Management’s presentations on sustainability topics to the board and its committees include climate-related topics. The Governance & Nominating Committee is the primary committee assisting the board in oversight of the company’s climate strategy and progress, as part of broader sustainability work.

Two people paddling on individual canoes

Solving Sustainability Challenges

Our planet is where we live and play, and we are committed to protecting and preserving it.

Together with our teammates, athletes, partners, and peers, we are joining forces to divert waste from landfill, advocate for public lands, and fight the threat of climate change.

Within our stores, we have pledged to eliminate all single-use, point-of-sale plastic bags by 2025 – and are on our way to achieving this ambitious goal. In 2023, we were one of the first companies to take part in one of the largest pilots ever to introduce reusable-bag options. In conjunction with the Consortium to Reinvent the Retail Bag, managed by Closed Loop Partners, we are testing a range of solutions that aim to support customers in adopting reuse.

To help reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, we are partnering with vendors to improve the efficiency of how we deliver merchandise to our stores. Minor changes in how we pack goods allowed us to maximize the amount of product we transport per truck, reducing an estimated 300 truckloads from the road and 550 MT of CO2e. We are also working with our transport partners to identify opportunities to move toward more fuel-efficient intermodal and rail transport, where possible.

Beyond our own walls, we are using our voice and platform to advocate for public lands, the outdoors, and communities. Public Lands, our outdoor concept store, is a proud member of the Protect Our Winters Brand Alliance. The Alliance brings together athletes, scientists, creatives, and businesses to advocate for climate policy and protect the land we love. Public Lands is also working with the Boundary Waters Business Coalition to support permanent protection for the Boundary Waters Wilderness Watershed from sulfide-ore copper mining.

It will take more than just one organization to succeed in addressing the sustainability challenges we face today. While we may not have all the solutions yet, we aren’t waiting for tomorrow but taking action today to make an impact.

– Heather Zanoni,Senior Director, Sustainability


We’re committed to responsibly managing waste, from the production of our products to their delivery to our athletes, and beyond. We follow an eliminate-reduce-recycle-reuse approach to help divert waste from landfills.


Established in 2021 as a program of The DICK’S Sporting Goods Foundation, The Public Lands Fund provides grants to local and national non-profit organizations that protect and maintain public lands, break down the barriers of access to outdoor experiences, and improve access and equity in the outdoors.

For information on grants dedicated to making public lands more inclusive and accessible, please visit the Public Lands website.