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Learn how a DICK'S running club has benefited our teammates, and then set out on your own adventures with the Women’s Sports Foundation’s virtual 5K and 50-Mile Challenge, presented by DICK’S.

DICK'S running club

Amy Adkins wasn’t expecting it to be a life-changing moment when she first started a running club. Sabrina Sanchez wasn’t expecting to meet one of her best friends, either. 

Both Adkins and Sanchez, and plenty of other teammates at our San Antonio, TX store, found so much more than they were looking for by banding together and hitting the road. In honor of National Girls & Women in Sports Day (NGWSD), DICK’S is encouraging athletes nationwide to follow that lead and set out on your own adventures – whatever that looks like for you.

At DICK’S, we know that sports make people better, serve as a backdrop for some of life’s most rewarding moments and help us all reach important goals. In that spirit, we’re gearing up to celebrate NGWSD on Feb. 2. DICK’S is proud to serve as the presenting sponsor of the Women’s Sports Foundation’s (WSF) NGWSD Virtual 5K and 50-Mile Challenge.

The inaugural event will be a celebration of community and the power of female sport. Participants are encouraged to take part by running, walking, cycling, swimming or any other activity of their choice. The virtual 5K will take place from Feb. 1 – Feb. 28, while the 50-Mile Challenge begins Feb. 1 and ends June 23 – the 50th Anniversary of Title IX, a landmark civil rights law enacted to end gender discrimination. Learn more about the event, how you can join our continued support of female athletes through our #StrongerWithSport social media challenge and more in our latest press release.

For Amy, the joy of running really kicks in while striding along with others, whether in a group or keeping pace virtually. 

“I'll be honest: I’ve learned things while running that I never knew about people beyond, ‘Hey how are you doing?’” said Adkins, a run ambassador who will bring her passion to the DICK’S corporate office this summer as a merchandising intern. “Now, we know our life goals and our passions. It’s been awesome getting to know them on this deeper level.”

For Sanchez, the group’s camaraderie and togetherness helped her reach unexpected places. Admittedly not much of a runner beforehand, Sanchez is now a regular in the group and even sets out on her own in her quest to better personal best times. As Sanchez and Adkins got to know each other during their group runs, they found a lot in common and became fast friends. 

"I didn't know Amy that well when we first started running, but we got closer to each other, learning more about one another and she ended up becoming one of my best friends," said Sanchez. 

The San Antonio store’s run club boasts more than 30 members and is part of a larger, teammate-driven DICK’S Fitness Club that provides a supportive way for teammates of all backgrounds and experience levels to get fit and seek new goals. We encourage everyone to join us in the WSF’s NGWSD Virtual Challenge celebration in your own way – and don’t forget to tag DICK’S Sporting Goods and the Women’s Sports Foundation on social media and use the hashtags #StrongerWithSport and #NGWSD. You never know what new opportunities and connections await on the road ahead!

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