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Epic Catch Earned Teammate A Spot On SportsCenter’s Top 10


Joe Cubitt's frisbee grab for the Detroit Mechanix landed him at No. 4 on the daily countdown of the best plays

With adrenaline at its peak, Joe Cubitt rushed downfield, extended, and without a fingertip to spare, hauled in a catch so incredible it was featured on national television. 

The leaping grab by Cubitt landed him somewhere he never imagined: The No. 4 spot on SportsCenter's Top 10 plays. 

“It was on my bucket list of achievements,” said Cubitt, a teammate at Store #306 who plays for the Detroit Mechanix of the American Ultimate Disc League.

The sweet snag courtesy of a perfectly-placed pass from Bryan Walsh was no surprise to Austin Riegel, a teammate of Joe’s at both the DICK’S store and on the Mechanix. 

“I knew that he’d catch it,” Riegel said with a confident chuckle. 

Riegel was one of many who celebrated with Cubitt. Shortly after the Top 10 segment aired, Cubitt gazed down at his phone and was stunned at the amount of missed phone calls and congratulatory messages on his lock screen. He felt even more excitement after being serenaded by his store teammates.

“They were freaking OUT,” Cubitt said.

Cubitt, a three-year veteran, is the architect of a moment neither he nor his team will soon forget, yet his passion while playing is just one part of what moves him both on and off the field.

Born and raised in Georgia, Cubitt has always enjoyed playing sports. His move to Dallas years later introduced him to a frisbee community filled with high-level, elite players who sparked growth in his own abilities. 

Now, more than 15 years have passed, and so much reward has come from his love for the professional scene of ultimate frisbee, especially when joined by Riegel, who began playing just a few years ago. 

The two have built an unbreakable bond that began during their time on the Mechanix, which inspired Cubitt to welcome Riegel at DICK’s.

“Playing sports with a teammate has many advantages, one of them being a sense of comfort when working together,” said Riegel.

In the afterglow of his time in the spotlight, Cubitt reminded himself of the bigger picture, which was the impact that he’d hope to have on those in the sports community who aspire to become more involved.

“As a 5’4” athlete, I felt proud to give an outlet to others who may feel unworthy of being successful in the sports realm because of who they are,” Cubitt said.

Cubitt often felt the pressures of being a shorter athlete, but his moment on SportsCenter proved to him that anything is possible through hard work, consistency, and love for the game.

His hopes to inspire others extend beyond the field. At DICK’s, where he often works as a footwear associate, he makes sure to help aspiring athletes find the perfect fit for their sport. 

“I want to promote athleticism within my role at DICK’S Sporting Goods and beyond,” he said.

Athletes like Cubitt, Riegel, and many more have and will continue to inspire others to follow their dreams in sports.


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