November 18, 2021

The Black woman-owned, environmentally conscious company headed by Stefania Okolie is now available online.

For as long as she can remember, Stefania Okolie has had a passion for storytelling in all its forms. She’s been doing it all her life, from performing talk shows with her stuffed animals as a child to delivering important news stories as a respected broadcast news journalist. 

Now, Stefania is taking her storytelling to a new level through her Solely Fit women’s athletic clothing line, which recently established a partnership with DICK’S Sporting Goods. The trendsetting lines from the Black woman-owned and environmentally conscious company are available online, offering familiar athleisure performance as well as styles that will be new to DICK’S.

“With design, you're telling the story about a woman's body and I aim to highlight our power and strength and confidence,” said Stefania. “My love for storytelling has just translated to the fashion industry.”

Solely Fit brings opulence, style, performance and comfort in an array of tops, leggings and bodysuit styles that DICK’S is excited to offer for the first time. 

“Our product is streetwear and activewear highlighted by bold, edgy pieces designed for the woman who wants to be daring,” said Stefania. “All women can be daring. Solely Fit adds another element to who you are.”

Each piece is designed with sustainability in mind. Stefania ensures that the products Solely Fit creates make an impact in all the right ways by utilizing recycled polyester, sustainable fabrics and local sources and facilities in Los Angeles.

“Sustainability is important to me, not just for my fabric, but also sustainable working conditions for my team, such as ethical working conditions and good wages,” Stefania said. “Making your product in the USA is you supporting sustainability.”

There’s plenty more to come. Stefania is looking to expand next into street fashion wear, including hoodies and joggers that can be worn on a neighborhood walk or paired with heels for a night out.

At her core, Stefania is a humble and hard worker who somehow balances both careers as a Houston-based journalist and designer while Solely Fit continues to grow. Her work ethic is inspired by her mother, who worked multiple jobs to support her family of four children in South Florida. In her little free time, Stefania continues to research the market, whether that’s reading up on the latest trends or asking a fellow gym goer about a dazzling outfit.

During a month-long break while switching between news stations from Arizona to Houston in 2018, she used the time to take classes and solidify her strategy to get Solely Fit up and running. Bringing new product into the retail world is a dream come true for Stefania. Her drive to launch Solely Fit runs parallel with her vision to ensure more diversity and representation in the fashion world, especially in leadership roles.

“I'm just really proud of the product and how it's been received by people,” said Stefania. “I'm not famous. I'm just a Black woman trying to pave her way in this industry. People trusted me enough to buy this product and make this dream come true, and that means a lot to me.”

DICK’S Sporting Goods is proud to team up with Stefania and help write the next chapter in her amazing journey as a storyteller.