August 2, 2022

Darius Seibles has ascended to assistant store manager; his star is also on the rise performing as Darius James.


Darius Seibles used to have a hidden talent. That’s the thing about talent – sometimes there’s just no hiding it. 

It was during a virtual leadership class when DICK’S teammates were asked to share something about themselves during an ice-breaker chat. When it came time for Darius to speak, he told the group about his musical endeavors and upbeat R&B songs. Jaws hit the floor when they realized the assistant store manager with the calm, deep voice was the very same artist with the silky flow, effortlessly weaving through bouncy tracks and carrying soulful ballads. 

His latest single, “By My Side”, can be heard here. In June, Darius James released “Life As We Know It”, an EP full of classic R&B vibes. He even caught the attention of Grammy-winning producer Timbaland on social media.

His songs were a hit with his teammates not only because they liked the music, but also because of Darius’ ability to intertwine the worlds of sport and music. It’s hard to imagine a world without athletes working out with their ear buds in or warming up to hype music that gets the blood flowing. And what would a big game be without the roar of the band or a breathtaking halftime show? Darius helps bring sport and music together in our stores – and our athletes might even hear one of his tracks on the sound system the next time they visit.




Performing as Darius James, assistant store manager Darius Seibles surprised teammates when he revealed his passion for performing music.


Darius is a 24 year-old Clemson, S.C. resident who has ascended to the role of assistant store manager of hardlines. As part of his musical journey, he has traveled to locales such as Alberta, Canada, and Austin, Texas. In support of his latest work, he’s toured throughout the southern United States to spread his blend of classic 90s R&B and a sound that's his own.

"What makes 'Life As We Know It' special is that I had the chance to showcase a multitude of skills,” said Darius. “I wrote and performed all of the songs and co-produced several. I enjoy both sides – the singing and the creative part that comes with being a producer.

When he has time for travel, Darius records at a studio in Atlanta. He also has his own recording setup to make things convenient. 

“I'm fortunate enough to have a setup in my house,” said Darius. “I have all the microphones and recording equipment that my DICK'S Sporting Goods career make possible.”

Darius is the son of two pastors and was born with a love of music. At his family church, he played drums, keyboards and the bass guitar. He flexes his musical muscles in his own work by going from bouncy, upbeat tracks to diving into soulful sounds and personal topics like communicating vulnerability and emotion.

Part of what makes Darius’ success so compelling is that he is a self-described introvert. In fact, when he first started making music, he didn’t tell anyone. When he opened up during that icebreaker, he couldn’t hide it anymore. Teammates loved it and they have been spreading the word since.

Darius has gone from being shy about his music to commanding an audience on stage. Part of that, he said, was instilled from managing teammates at DICK’S.

Darius’ position as assistant store manager has helped him learn how to captivate an audience like this when performing.


Success and growth born from hard work and dedication has been a theme for Darius as a DICK’S teammate as well. He began his journey at DICK’S as a part-time footwear associate who, “wanted to learn basically everything that I could.” He quickly earned promotions and rose within the company.

All the while he was working on his music. Darius said he has thousands of voice memos on his phone with lyrics and melodies. He puts them down on his drive to and from work or whenever inspiration strikes. 

No matter what he sets his mind to, Darius has a proven track record of success. He has contributed to award-winning stores and continues to make music that is catching on. He’s quite a talented teammate -- and it’s no longer a secret.  


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